How much does it costs to restore a car?

a typical 1960s muscle car project, say a mustang/camaro in average shape completed in our shop is going to costs anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 which is about 600-900 hours of labor, while a rare Packard with more problems and specialty options could be as high as 1200-3000 hours of labor which is about $100,000.00-$280,000.00.

There are many factors that affect pricing.

  • the overall condition of the body and frame.
  • just how rare is the car, and can we locate parts for it?
  • How many parts does it need?
  • the quality of the restoration, did you want a 100 point show car?
  • exotic upholstery and convertible top choices.
  • powertrain components that may not be salvagable.
  • sophisticated powertrain and chassis upgrades.
  • a car that is 30 - 75 years old, has hidden problems.

How much for a complete paint job on my classic car?

Common paint job completed at Gorilla

  • 150-400 hours of labor, varies
  • $8000-$15000 in quality paint, materials and parts
  • disassembly of vehicle
  • sand blast or chemical strip
  • perform some light body work and minor metal repairs
  • apply epoxy primers, a PPG DBC basecoat and, a PPG 2021 clear
  • wetsand, polish and reassemble vehicle
  • approx $20,000.00-$45,000.00

Often a similar project from the past can be used for comparison. our hourly rate is $95.00


Automobile Restoration cost Calculator

Restoration of Labor Hours approx Parts Pricing approx
Braking System 25-40 $2000-$3000
Fuel System 20-25 $1500-$2000
Suspension 40-60 $5000-$10,000
Wheels and Tires 10-15 $1000-$10,000
Engine Overhaul 40-60 $2500-$4500
Engine replacement 15-25 $6000-$20,000
Transmission Overhaul 30-40 $1000-$3,000
Transmission replace 10-15 $3000-$8000
Floorpan complete 70-100 $1500-$4,000
Quarter panel 15-25 $500-$2000
Interior renew 40-100 $2500-$12000
Rewire vehicle 40-60 $1000-$5000
Custom auto-meter gauges 10-15 $800-$2,000
Holley carb replacement 5-10 $700-$2000
High quality paint minor body 200-350 $10,000-$15,000
Custom Engine Swap, Dodge Hemi, Chevy GM LS, Ford Coyote 100-200 $9000-$20,000
Wilwood 4 wheel disc brake upgrade 30-50 $3000-$6,000
Column steering Idbit 5-7 $600-$1200
Cooling system module, dual elec fans, aluminum radiator 7-15 $800-$2,000

We can prepare a restoration game plan for you based upon the overall condition of your project and what the short-term and long-term plans are for the vehicle.

the final price depends on what you want in the final product. Are you looking to create a show car or daily driver that looks and runs nice? Does originality matter? What kind of shape is the car in now? Every car is different and when dealing with older classic cars it gets complicated, because you don’t know what kind of work has been done previously, what parts can be reused and what will need to be replaced, how extensive the body work will be, parts availability for the year, make, and model. whether its minor body work or a full on structural changes, all of these things will factor in to the overall cost, which makes it very difficult for us to give an exact price on. Our recommendation is to ship the car in, we can thoroughly inspect the vehicle, from there we can discuss what the vehicle needs, the time frame, a price range to complete the work, and provide you with a comprehensive restoration plan

See our restorations and past projects pages to learn more about Gorilla Custom Motors

The Gorilla Chassis

Complete chassis and suspension systems, all parts available including upper and lower control arms, springs, sway bars, shocks, steering knuckles, wheel bearings, ball joints, dust shields, a custom chassis with or without a complete steering system are available. rear suspension systems, 4 link, including trailing arms, panhard bars, camber rods, leaf spring assemblies, coil over shocks, we also offer complete strange rear differentials, and strange drive shafts.