Though there are both honest and dishonest dealers and private sellers out there, buying from a dealer has many more benefits than buying from an individual.

A dealer must adhere to strict operating procedures mandated by both State and County agencies while a private seller is not bound by FTC rules. Here at Gorilla Custom Motors, we also belong to the FIADA and NIADA as our commitment to selling high quality vehicles.

Another benefit is that a dealer inspects the car using certified trained technicians. A private seller doesn’t have to do anything. Many times a buyer is unaware if a car was salvaged, has a lien on it or was stolen. We read a story the other day that someone bought a car and found out later, it was two separate cars spliced together.

And probably one of the biggest time savers – Florida dealers have to file all your DMV titling and registrations forms and pay the taxes of the sale on your behalf (some exceptions apply). And did you know it’s illegal for a Dealer to charge more than the actual cost of title/registration and taxes? Don’t see any downfall here!