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As an enthusiast, you understand the value of being involved in every aspect of the restoration project. Taking on a such a venture requires that the restoration shop you hire offers top level workmanship, which in turn, provides you with the highest degree of personal gratification in knowing that your restoration was done correctly

In operation for over 10 years, GCM has over 25 years' experience working for Ford Motor Company and has extensive experience on most manufacture’s makes and models. We expect nothing but perfection from the ASE certified technicians, painters and body work men we hire. Our shop is fitted with only top of the line equipment and supplies.

Old world craftsmanship is what we offer. No corners cut, no quick fixes, full attention to detail. We welcome you into the entire restoration process – after all, it is your dream car. Together we will examine the condition of the car and discuss your goals. This includes whether to do a true restoration or a restomod. The difference between restoring a car to its original sale condition or to upgrade with more modern parts. Of course, there are some antique and rare cars that may not original parts available for sale, but with the proper research, we can still restore the car to an overall authentic condition. With our extensive connection network if the original parts are out there, we will find them.


Your car is highly protected while in our hands and will only be worked on and stored indoors. As part of our process, we offer regular updates using photographs and detailed accounts that track the step-by-step progress within the restoration project. At Gorilla Custom Motors, we feel communication is key. We also include documentation that provides exactly what you are paying for. A full hour's work for every hour billed and an itemized log of the parts purchased on your behalf. It is our belief that this is a partnership and we must conduct our business in a manner that is honorable, reliable and fair. You only pay for what is actually used to complete your restoration: time, materials and parts. Check out our Gallery of Restoration Projects page to see some of our current and past projects. Located in South Florida, Gorilla Custom Motors is a premier classic car restoration shop that is ready to help you fulfill your dream.

Current Project at Gorilla

1965 Ford Mustang fastback, resto-mod.


Restoration or Resto-Mod

automobile restoration is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of a vehicle and return it to "original showroom" condition. Restorations should be historically accurate as a representative example of the production model when initially released

A vehicle restoration is the process of reconditioning a vehicle from a used condition and returning it to like-new using either original or reproduction parts and techniques. Many antique and rare cars may not be able to have a true to original restoration performed because some parts may not be available to replace or to imitate fully. Yet with the proper research, they may be restored to an overall authentic condition. The objective is to preserve the historical aspects of the vehicle, its components, and assembly.


Restoration is sometimes confused with the term "restomod." A restomod has portions of the car as they were when the car was first offered for sale as well as significant changes (updates). If any part of the car is updated, the car has been "restomodded" and not restored, such as "a nearly stock-appearing vehicle that has been fitted with late-model chassis, drivetrain, performance suspension and other modern conveniences.

Value appears to be the main argument over which option is better than the other. The fully restored rare classic is often going to be worth more financially in the long term. But you also will spend significantly more time and money finding all the necessary, yet virtually extinct, parts to get the car back to its original form. The not so rare restomod car might not be quite as valuable, but will have a much better, smoother performance, brought about by the latest technologies. With the same beautiful outward appearance as the original or fully restored model, the restomod will also give you a more comfortable, enjoyable driving experience. Restomodding a not so rare classic adds significant value as well.

Both options are appealing for different reasons, so the decision between the two primarily rests on two critical factors: budget for the project and the desired outcome or purpose for the car. Should you have an unlimited budget and the yearning for a fully restored, collectible show car, then restoration might be the way to go. If you want a restored vintage car, but with all the power and modern conveniences of current models, then the restomod would be the better choice.

Whichever option is choosen, the project promises to be an exciting and personally rewarding experience for any car owner.