classic car maintenance tips

It is extremely important to keep your cars properly maintained. It not only keeps them running longer, it also keeps up the resale value. These tips are for those who regularly drive their classic cars. If your car will remain idle for a period of time, there are other measures that should be taken – stay tuned for how to store your classic car in our next newsletter.

Keep your car garaged and away from the elements and cover with a car cloth. Extreme cold and heat can damage and degrade interior leather, paint, rubber and plastic. Take a short drive at least once every few weeks to prevent faults and corrosion of not only the engine and battery, but also the tires. If you can’t drive your car, due to weather or any other reason, then at least start it and let it sit idle a few times during the month.

Other items on your check list:

  • Check the oil levels in the car every week. Engines run at a very high temperature which need regular oil change.
  • Regularly check air hoses and fan belts for wear and tear.
  • The antifreeze system should be changed every year by flushing out the cooling system and replacing the tanks with new coolants.
  • Check the transmission fluid regularly.
  • Run the air conditioning once a month in order to keep it working properly.
  • Power windows should be raised and lowered too. This helps keep the lubricant in the window tracks and channels pliable
  • Spot Bodywork problems early. A car that is driven is prone to picking up dirt, grime and salt. Try to recognize chips or small scratches immediately so that you may take action before rust is allowed to develop in your wind, bonnet or wheel arch area. It is also important to keep your car waxed to prevent it from rust.
  • When washing a classic car an old fashioned bucket and sponge approach is best. High pressure wash system may use water at a temperature that is too harsh and you can’t control how close the lance gets to your paintwork.