This is a basic guide to help you find and aid in the restoration of the classic car of your dreams, so that you are able to fully enjoy your investment for many years to come. Whether you are thinking of buying that must-have 66 GTO you have been dreaming of, or restoring that E-Type Jaguar that has been on blocks in your barn for the past 12 years, there are a few areas you need to consider.

Sound knowledge is key to a successful purchase and or restoration of a antique car. get to know the price points and the projects specifications. some In depth research is essential, as well as our professional support and advice. Join an owners’ club. ask other owners questions.

Though it might be tempting to ignore common sense and rush into a so called great deal, this may not be the time to jump into something you may regret so before doing anything, stand back and do the research and inspect it yourself, or have it inspected by a qualified ASE certified mechanic. Hopefully, this publication will help you make some sound decisions.

To restore or not to restore

Should a car or truck be returned to some semblance of its former glory?

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camaro build
The cost of a automobile restoration

Given the cost of restoration, it makes sense to many owners to upgrade the corrosion protection of paints.

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The perfect paint job. 

our step by step how we paint a classic, antique or muscle car.

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benz interior
Our past restoration projects  

Some of our current and previous projects completed at Gorilla Custom Motors.

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rusty bottom
types of restorations

Auto Restorations will use several different specialty types of equipment, to measure and/or calibrate specific parts of your vehicle.

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rusty bottom
The automotive restoration process

As the restoration begins, three things hold the key to success: be organized, be patient and be knowledgeable.

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jaguar build
Restoration or Resto-mod

What is the difference between restomod and restoration? And which is the better option for your ride.

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Classic car inspection tips

Careful, when buying a classic car. You may want to use an inspection service.

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