To Restore or not to restore

car enthusiast often dream of buying an iconic muscle car and restoring it to its former glory. the idea of a muscle car restoration project can be exciting. here are some important factors to take into consideration when selecting a project that will cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

The Cost

be aware of the cost, the restoration of an antique, classic, or muscle car is expensive and has no flat rate pricing manual. a ball park figure really is hard to quantify because each vehicle is kinda different. its maintenance history, the overall condition of various sheet metal components, the previous restoration attempts. all of these items will factor into the final cost of your restoration. be aware that the cost of a concours restoration could easily exceed the final dollar value of the car.

Overall Value

There are a number of older cars out there that need to be restored. some of these cars may seem like they may be worth some real money , and some may not, that is why it is important to research the price action on the candidate you do choose, there are some cars that will never be of any value no matter how carefully they have been restored to their original condition. and remember you don't have to settle on a particular make and model, although most of us do. A car with real dollar appreciation potential might cost more to buy, it will be worth more in the end, remember that the cost of the car is only a small part of the overall cost of the project. Do some research to determine which models are more valuable once they've undergone a complete restoration.

Rust is the Enemy

Rust damage is time consuming and expensive to repair, most times it requires the replacement of steel panels. If your candidate comes from up North and it is a rust bucket, be prepared to fully strip the chassis, cut out the rusted frame and or body sections that are deemed so bad that they cannot be normally repaired, weld in new replacement sheet metal and the proper frame sections . and sand blast every inch of the remaining metal, generally we can buy replacement panels from aftermarket parts manufacturers. otherwise we would have to fabricate them. Rust repair isn't for everyone's budget, know what you're getting yourself into.

Ensure availability of replacement parts

parts problems will bring your project to a halt. If you purchase a car that is very rare, be prepared to pay out for parts, there may not be new replacement parts readily available and used parts may be hard to find and can get quite expensive. make sure replacement parts will not be a major hurdle.