Types of automobile restorations

Concours Restorations

Thi is the highest level of a auto restoration. A car restored to this level should be perfect in every distinct way. Cars restored to this level are antique show car candidates and are rarely ever driven. this level of restoration is an expensive and time consuming undertaking.

Show Quality Condition

this candidate has been professionally restored and has no major noticable flaws. These restorations score within the 90 to 95 range on the typical 100 point judging scale. some imperfections show upon close inspection, this vehicle may appear as a concours car to the average person. This vehicle places highly in its class at most antique shows. with this vehicle it is ok to be driven often, and will always attract a crowd.

Street Show Condition

may show some slight wear, but are still highly presentable. the candidate has been restored into good working condition without any major cosmetic problems These will fall into the 79 to 90 point scoring range

Daily Driver

a completely functional car in good driving condition. It will have several noticable flaws, a less expensive and time consuming restoration than the previous categories, a driver level restoration is generally more affordable and is still quite rewarding,it is close in appearance to how it looked originally, not all parts are factory correct, and may include some minor modifications.

Rotisserie Restoration

the body shell/chassis is mounted in a automotive rotating fixture made by Twirler. which gives much better access to the underside of the vehicle.